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Taking a leaf from Malacanang reporter Jove Francisco, who sometimes uses his weekend posts to direct readers’ attention away from politics, I thought I’d do something in the same spirit. (No, I won’t talk about the amazing tool that is Google Earth; it’s already consumed too much of my time.)  I thought I’d write about a few blogs I’ve tracked since I started keeping one.

Percolation is written by a Filipino student in London. I am pretty sure her name is not Sesto Callende, the pen name she uses, unless, I guess, she was conceived in that part of Italy. She is living the kind of life I once thought I’d lead; her always literary posts tell me she has chosen well; she is in the right place.

iBlog is by Michael Josh Villanueva, a "senior system administrator" at GMA-7.  A record-setting technophile with a genuine creative gift, Michael Josh is also a special kind of blogger: He does his own reporting. I first met him (online) when he emailed me questions about a particular topic he wanted to write about. I was impressed.

Pixels and Paper has a byline that should be familiar to readers of mph magazine, or to those writers and editors who passed through the halls of a certain think tank in the last decade or so. Jason de Villa is an old friend and a former colleague (one I haven’t seen in years). His work, both on the Macs we used then or the hard copy we printed out and passed around, was always marked by elegance and economy of expression. I am glad to see from his blog (he has decided to focus on just one) that nothing has changed.

And not least, Rachel Khan, who writes Khanterbury Tales. Always an interesting but, for this particular reader, all-too-infrequent read. This is one journalist we should hear from more often.

PS. Another old friend of mine does not keep a blog, but should; I hope Exie Abola will come around to it sooner rather than later. Five years ago, he won the Palanca for the Essay in English, first prize. And just this month, he received that telltale telegram again: it’s the Palanca for the Short Story in English, first prize. His story? ‘The Shakespeare Guy." Ah, that little shakes-scene!


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6 responses to “A few good links

  1. John,

    Thanks for posting the resignation letter of Dinky on your site. Since you posted it, I decided to do a little comical and sarcastic annotation on her letter.

    You had a nice analysis on Dinky’s action but as for me, I suscribed to the motto of the US Postal Service of “neither rain nor sleet nor snow” notion of a friend. And the long and short of my take on what she did was she left a bitter taste in the mouth.

    By the way, you’re on the mark about iBlog. Josh is a techie guy with a sunshine outlook in life. We became friends five years ago when I was invited to be an Erap impreachment commentator on GMA7. His warmth is infectious.

  2. weekends are our opportunities to tackle life’s real politics.

    thanks john!

    (and amen to you views about sesto, rachel and P&P, more power to bloggers!)

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog, John. I am honored and thrilled. Despite the distance, I feel connected to the country through blogs like yours. Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy bloggers!

  4. Mario

    John, I made the rounds of the blogs you cited. They were each of them fascinating, admirable and worth the time and effort to read them. The thought that they were all being written by fine Filipinos made me really proud. The London lady seemed like a very cultured, intelligent and sensitive person. The Baguio guy is an editor and his writing showed it. The GMA7 techie guy was way out of my age range and my technical ken, but I can see why he would be interesting.

    Even as I was going through these great blogs, however, I recall the pathetic attempt of Defensor to demonstrate that the Garci tapes should not be believed. And I realize that all these fine Filipinos blogging as well as others alive today, including you and yours truly, are still represented by a dammned president whose cheating has been so blatantly exposed and thus far not truly explained. And I felt really angry.

    I felt so insulted. Here is Defensor telling all of us that he has proof the Garci tapes cannot be believed. And what did it take for him to get that proof? Only $3,500 of his own money! You mean that it is possible to prove to all and sundry that the tapes do not contain real conversations of GMA and all it needed was $3,500? I hope this government decides to spend another $35,000, or $350,000 or even $3.5 million to show once and for all to us skeptical Filipinos that the whole 3 hours of Garci tapes were indeed altered and spliced. I note that this is the issue I raised with Bobi Tiglao which caused him to sign off on a previous discussion of his now departed strong republic.

    Every day I wake up, I wake up to another day when this woman who is shorter than I, less intelligent than many other UP graduates, less patriotic than millions of our countrymen, less capable than thousands of executives working in Makati, pretends to think and decide for all of us because she claims she is president despite the fact that she was never duly elected to this position.And I face my day angry and furious at this painful insult and gross violation of my sense of being Filipino.

    We may be diverted by the need to make a living. We may be momentarily entertained by some movie, book or performance. We might even be fascinated by some strange creatures like Zuce or Cam or Defensor or the shy and reluctant Dy. But we will not get over the fact that for nearly three months now since the June 6 emergence of the Garci tapes, right there in front of us or rather insistently pounding on our ears and knocking daily within our heads, “hello Garci” mocks us with its undeniable evidence of cheating so blatant and bare.

    It is always enough to destroy one’s weekend and probably more than enough to make the coming week barely liveable as well.

  5. rachel

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes, my priority goes to the blog I’m running for CMFR (Freedom Watch) and thus, neglect my own. We regularly monitor your blog. Keep it up and more power!!


  6. Sir John: Thank you very much sir for your kind words and recommendation. It is both an honor and a priviledge. Also makes me want to write each post as best as I can. I look forward to more intersting discussions on your blog as well.

    Sir Edwin: I am glad to have had such an effect. Thank you as well, it brought a big smile to my face!

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