The bishops, again

I had lunch last month with Archbishop Capalla (in the Max’s restaurant a stone’s throw away from the Manila Cathedral; a stone very strongly thrown, mind you), to get up to speed on what really happened during that fateful weekend of July 8 to 10. We met a day after a blog-based commentary of mine appeared in the Inquirer’s op-ed pages. Well, guess what? Much of what we discussed "on background" is now accessible online, through Fr. James Reuter’s column in the Star. Fr. Reuter ran their discussion as a Q&A; disconcertingly, at least to this editor, the questions as they appear on the website are in roman while the CBCP president’s answers are in hard-to-read italics.

But please read it. Edwin Lacierda may throw a fit when he finds out that the bishops consulted only three priest-experts, all of them Jesuits! (Something I was already advised of beforehand, by the way, by another source.) But the Archbishop’s answers do prove, if more proof were needed, that the Papal Nuncio’s remarks on July 9 did not "temper" the pastoral statement Capalla ended up reading aloud, surrounded by other bishops, on July 10.


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