Out of commission

I’ve been down with the flu since Monday, and possibly because of new antibiotics I’m using (that is, old meds, but first time for me to use), I have been awake for the last 41 hours! I’ve tried to sleep, believe me, but I am led to believe that elusive sleep hopped on a jet to Singapore, and is now probably in London. Also, I’ve had the strangest sensation: for maybe a 12-hour spell yesterday, whenever I closed my eyes, the last image I saw would, without fail, morph into something else, and move! The movement would suggest another image, something in the new image would change, and then the changing, creeping, crawling thing would move. (And I thought watching politics was confusing.) I could emphatize with one of Anansi Girl’s recent posts. An extremely well-written blog, by the way. That much is clear.


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