Looking for Ninoy

One could do worse than to start here, a sub-site in the Edsa I website produced by Jason Tablante and Marc Orosa. Or here (the Wikipedia entry).  There’s a work in progress over at Geocities. I know, I know; lean pickings. This was about all I could find. If anyone has other or better links, please let me know.

(Last year, a new law was enacted creating Ninoy Aquino Day. Does this mean this Monday’s a holiday?)



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2 responses to “Looking for Ninoy

  1. Well, at least you gotta give some slack for a site that was done almost 6 years ago by two junior high school students. 🙂

  2. My mistake, Jason. When I reread this entry, it seemed to me too that by “lean pickings” I was referring to the quality of the Ninoy sites available online. I was actually referring to the quantity. Your six-year-old sub-site is still the gold standard, as far as I can tell.

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