The brethren

May I direct your attention to an interesting (and trans-Pacific) exchange of ideas on the hallowed status of the Supreme Court? Edwin Lacierda and Abe Margallo started by talking about legal issues related to the impeachment; but the discussion has reached an altogether more provocative plane. Does the Supreme Court itself need to be reformed?

I happen to share the view (and have written more than once about it) that the so-called weakest branch of government has in fact and in the last several years turned out to be the last true bastion of our democracy (vexing economic rulings very firmly aside). Edwin and Abe will contest this view. I doubt, however, if they will disagree with what I will say next: When the high court directed Hyatt 10 leader Cesar Purisima, a non-lawyer and therefore not an agent of the court, to explain his opinion that political considerations entered into the SC decision-making on the VAT law, or be cited for contempt, I felt a chill in my non-lawyer’s bones.

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