Big Brother

He may well be the indispensable politician of the last 30 or even 40 years; without Juan Ponce Enrile, many of the most significant events in our recent history do not make sense. As one of Marcos’ whiz kids in the 1960s, martial law administrator in the 1970s, Imelda Marcos’s rival in the 1980s; as Edsa mutineer, coup plotters’ inspiration, successful non-Cory Candidate for the Senate during the immediate post-Marcos years; as one of Ramos’s marriageable political non-virgins and alleged chief beneficiary of dagdag-bawas in the 1990s; as "lay the predicate" impeachment trial senator-judge and born-again anti-PPA candidate in the first years of the 21st century — Manong Johnny has either shared center stage or could be heard ominously in the wings, in the melodrama that is Philippine politics.

Yesterday, he formally severed his ties with the Senate minority, declared himself an independent, and then announced a "working coalition" with the expanded (but divided) Senate majority. How many of us, upon hearing the news, got the spooky, familiar sense that, somehow, Enrile had positioned himself once again to play a prominent role in yet another political crisis?

To think he’s only in his eighties.



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6 responses to “Big Brother

  1. he’s so mean to that young whippersnapper, doro.

  2. Hahaha! Yes, he certainly showed that young upstart!

  3. manuelbuencamino

    The rivalry between FVR and JPE continues. It has been going on since martial law days. It has always been about who could do more damage to the country.

  4. VMA

    I suspect Enrile is still around because without power and the limelight, he would have nothing to do! Now we know why OLD politicians refuse to retire and give way to the next generation.

  5. At a forum of journalism fellows a few months ago, I observed that the Philippines seemed bent on repeating, and repeating, our recent history. FVR v JPE fits into that unfortunate pattern.

  6. camille

    perhaps Enrile, now in his ‘golden years’ would like to rectify whatever wrongs he did in the past? no?

    anyways, it’s welcome news to me, what with all the political squabbling and the looming oil and energy crisis that will definitely set back our economy again. whether it’s sincere or not remains to be seen.

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