Hyatt 10 plus, minus

The key resource persons* at yesterday’s Black and White forum, Butch Abad and Dinky Soliman, could not remember all the members of the seven-person delegation from the Cabinet that met with the President either on June 19 or 20. Soliman, a member of that small group, named Vice President Noli de Castro, Cesar Purisima, and Juan Santos, but perhaps under the pressure of time, she could not remember the rest.

We tried contacting other Cabinet officials to find out. Ric Saludo, the Secretary of the Cabinet, replied as follows: "As you know, such mtgs are covered by executive confidentiality. While the resigned Cabinet members may wish to violate that indispensable rule, I abide by it." In a second text message, he added a careful caveat: "Just a note: My reply should not be construed to mean that my for[m]er colleagues had correctly reflected Cabinet discussions."

Unfortunately, there was no space in the appropriate story to accommodate his replies; this notice may have to do for now.


*An emphatic Ging Deles, at yesterday’s forum: "We’re not leaders here, we’re resource persons."


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