A surprise

Several things kept me away from the computer in the last 24 hours; you can imagine my surprise, then, to see on my return that an unfortunate word war had erupted between two of the very readers I "write" for. Unfortunate, because Jojo in Kyoto and Mylene in Davao may actually have more things in common than, well, it seems to be possible at the moment.

Perhaps they would have hit if off if circumstances had been otherwise.

(I used inverted commas above because all I meant by the word write was that I keep a blog.)



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2 responses to “A surprise

  1. Jojo

    No need to worry John. For me the “word war” was nothing but a normal part of a democratic process. It was all banter, nothing personal, but with a good dose of passion (on Mylene’s part) and my just simple impish curiousity.

  2. Mylene

    yep, but like i said i prefer to learn from such discourses:).

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