Po-tay-to, po-tah-to

Why is it that Maid Miriam considers Gen. Gudani’s testimony about Mike Arroyo (retailed by a friend, who heard it from a security aide) mere hearsay, but sees her own narration of an alleged kill-GMA plot (gained from an "impeccable source," who heard it from a relative of Frank Drilon’s) as the truth worthy of the headlines?

Why is it that Drilon took his sweet time after Manong Johnny questioned the NorthRail contract in a privilege speech last February (when the Senate President was still a close ally of the President’s, and the Garci tapes were still unheard of), but now (after calling on Gloria to resign, and after Enrile joined his working majority in the Senate) says that the then-stalled, now-jumpstarted Senate probe is mere matter of course?

Why is that Palace defenders have always reminded the opposition of the basic rule, that the burden of proof lies on the accuser, but now, through Toting Bunye, they have called on Drilon, whom Bunye has accused of "setting up" the President, to prove that he had not done so?

Why is it that Nene Pimentel can consider EO 464 rankly unconstitutional, but insists up to today on delaying any petition before the Supreme Court, the only instrument of government with the Constitutional mandate to declare the EO unconstitutional — and thus, without effect?

You can, of course, add your own questions; perhaps the heading "Intellectual Candor, or the Lack of It" would do.


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