The big one?

Turns out Mr. Aragoncillo filched documents from US Vice President Dick Cheney’s office too.

WASHINGTON — A former US Marine and naturalized US citizen from the Philippines breached security at the White House and allegedly used his top secret clearances to steal classified documents from Vice President Dick Cheney’s office, ABC News said Wednesday.

The revelation adds more legs to the spy story, but this, depending on how senators phrase their questions, may be the big one.

Former Budget Secretary Emilia Boncodin, one of the "Hyatt 10" members who resigned from the Cabinet and called for the President’s resignation, has confirmed her attendance. It would be Boncodin’s first public appearance since she joined the Hyatt 10 on July 8.



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7 responses to “The big one?

  1. acidboy

    even cnn has apparently covered l’affaire aragoncillo…. i hope ping knows how to swim, the pool of crap he’sswimming in is truly getting deeper.

  2. manuelbuencamino


    we are all swimming in a pool of crap thanks to your favorite crappers – the Arroyos

  3. acidboy

    no argument there, manuel. but let me just add that the cesspool we are wallowing in is full of the aroma of the other turds that has graced our wonderful country from the marcoses up to the present.

    iba lang si ping, coz now his foot is also in the pool where a shark named dick cheney is gritting its teeth.

  4. whose president, if i may add, also talks to god like GMA. di ko lang alam kung sinong original at sinong copycat.

    or maybe they talk to god at the same time – magkaparty-line kumbaga 🙂

  5. acidboy

    hahaha! the Lord told w to carpetbomb a country! at least yung God na kumausap kay gma parang masmabait.

    malamang it was cheney lang speaking on a hidden speaker in the oval office.

  6. i doubt if that were a kinder god. The iraqis may have lost their lives, but this country is losing its soul…

  7. Mylene

    i don’t think mas bait ang God ni PGMA. 3rd world country tayo, so i’d guess its she’s focused on accumulating both material wealth and whatever power one can get as the Philippine president.

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