To Dubya with love

Two days ago, I tried to post a quick note on the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the International Atomic Energy Agency and its Director General Mohamed ElBaradei, through my hosting service’s remote feature. No luck. I tried a second time, which was all the time I had that day, but again no dice. Perhaps it was the post title (see above) which got me in trouble? (It was probably a quirk in the email system of the office where I happened to be, when the wire agencies broke the news.)

Protestations of the Norwegian Nobel Committee to the contrary, public perception will justify the award as a "kick in the shin" or to other body parts of a certain American president, whom God apparently instructed to invade Iraq in vain search of weapons of mass distraction.

PS. But what really interests me in this year’s Nobel stakes is the broad hint that the Literature Prize will go, for the first time in two generations (all the way back to Winston Churchill in 1953), to a writer who’s neither a fictionist, a playwright, or a poet. My sentimental favorite would be Frank Kermode, whose criticism is I believe a sustained act of imagination of the highest order, but I’d guess writers like George Steiner stand a better chance. Who do YOU think it would be?


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