Say that again?

Apparently, Rep. Crispin Beltran (which in the shorthand employed by most Philippine news organizations is classified as a "militant" lawmaker) does have some use for the Americans after all.

Link: Arroyo told to press for US stand on gov’t, political crisis –

But really: Apart from the incredible naivete of demanding to know where the US government stands on the current political crisis, there is the mental sleight-of-handedness of it all. Why should we care what the Americans think? Even more to the point, why should Beltran, who continues to hold the "US imperialism" line, even care? Self-evidently, he is trying to score a political point.

This is repellent intellectual dishonesty, on the same order as demanding that government, the same government whose inevitable withering is an article of faith, play a greater role in society.



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5 responses to “Say that again?

  1. manuelbuencamino

    Not that I agree with Beltran’s politics or even find him agreeable, but what is happening here is this :

    This government has always courted Bush. Remember the “friends don’t ask why” bilateral policy ?

    So to a large extent this administration uses american support to lend legitimacy or as a rug under its feet, in a manner of speaking.

    That’s why the accidental seating of gloria beside bush at the apec summit and even the hand gestures and his arm around her back was trumpeted by malacanang as some kind of an achievement.

    Beltran probably believes (knows?) that those leaked classified docs contain negative assessments of gloria, alternative to gloria scenarios etc.

    He seems confident that a show of hands will work against gloria.

    In the same manner, why would he be interested in what america thinks?

    He cares about what america thinks only in so far as it will pull the rug from under gloria’s feet.

    Other than that, I don’t think he gives a shit.

  2. Rizalist

    Both sides are playing the same game though. Local media under the influence of the Palace has dredged up the story after US allies resurrected it from the leavings of last months UN Security Council trip.

    Since Gloria has been outside the kulambo since Angelo de la Cruz,the Opposition knows the intelligence on her has got to be damaging.

    On the other hand, espionage is a serious offense, especially during wartime in America, so the Palace and its allies are playing up that angle and desperately trying to make a connection to bigger local fish.

    The denouement? Hehheh, dead silence from the White House!

  3. manuelbuencamino

    Malacanang is playing up the race angle. Specially since the damaging the RP-US relations ploy did not work.

    The US embassy said they viewed the matter as an internal affair. So the palace fine tuned its spin to “cultural damage.”

    They want the Fil-ams and Pinoy tourists to worry about racial profiling. They want every bit of racism and every hassle in US immigration or customs blamed on the opposition. They are hoping to at least make brown skins wary of the “reckless” oposition.

    That’s where Bunye’s and other dog’s statements are leading.

  4. Jojo

    John two questions: how did Beltran and his comrades get proprietary rights to the word “militant” (when they really are not; look at the accommodations they’ve made with Lacson, Imee, and in May 2004 and the previous elections, with GMA herself)? And why does the Inquirer still refer occasionally to Joema Sison as NDF consultant when he really is the CPP Chairman?

  5. mohammadhassan Bigdely

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I just write this letter to you to report you what is happening in Philippine embassy here in Iran.

    Since few years back Iranian citizen have been interesting to travel to the Philippine as a tourist and business man or student.
    Filipino people with the unique Asian culture good hospitality English speaking ability have been familiar to the Iranian, aside from that the, beauty of the country ,good business trade facility and high and faire education makes the country best destination for people here and it could bring good economic improvement for the tow country. But unfortunately the maltreatment and bad approach of front desk personnel in the embassy has keep away and lost interest for those people who want to travel to Philippine or make business relations .I am a business man and I often travel to different country for business purposes and I have been in the Philippines several times ,I am really surprise that the way a gentleman by the name ALEX treating the Visa applicants ,he have build a kind of mafia with Iranian who’s nick name is GORGE ,any applicant who is applying for visa should pay this Iranian outside the embassy to be issue visa. I have been several time in the embassy and I have seen and heard that any people would like to apply for visa they will tell him its better for you to go to a certain person to get an invitation and process your visa trough him ,I wonder where do you see in the world that an embassy having an agent outside ,this agents charging Iranian as much as 8000 USD, it depends of the kind of visa. and when it come to people who apply personally it is really hard to issue visa .this I am sure his Excellency ambassador he is not aware of that, this has been very bad image outside the embassy that people easily says if you want to get the visa in Philippine embassy just you have to pay under table money ,I am sorry to say that but as I mentioned I have been several times in Philippine but that is not what I know a bout Filipino people, I always appreciate them for their honestly and trustfulness ,please consider my report and try to find out what is going on here .
    I am not reporting this maters because I cant get visa in Philippine embassy in Iran but why while other Philippine embassy in other country are helpful and good managements this embassy destroying the good image of the Philippine governments.

    Thank you very much and God bless all Filipino .

    Sincerely yours

    Mohammad Hassan bigdely

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