Mirror on the wall

I saw my first copy of the new newspaper today. Business Mirror looks almost exactly as I thought it would: Today’s clean lines and elegant type, BusinessWorld’s laser-like focus. The people who work the beats and keep the gates are a mix of the two papers too. (Starting from the top, with Chuchay Fernandez as editor in chief and Vladimir Bunoan as managing editor.)

I said "almost exactly," because I was not ready for its large format; it’s not simply broadsheet, it’s bigger than the usual broadsheet. (In contrast, to give only one of many possible examples, the Asian Wall Street Journal goes compact this very Monday.)

Except for Louie Teodoro, who now takes up his Vantage Point from a decidedly capitalist commanding height, I don’t see any name columnists yet. But some of the Business Mirror’s reporters are very good indeed: Mia Gonzalez, Joel San Juan, et al. Even without the syndicated pieces from the Washington Post, a most promising read.



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2 responses to “Mirror on the wall

  1. noel

    Hi! Thanks for the heads up regarding Business Mirror. But what do you think of the writing?

    Not exactly in point, I’ve been on a partial news boycott since the Garci tapes first came out, perhaps due to a sense of diarrhea over the steady diet of intrigue that hogs our headlines. I try to confine myself to the comfort of the funny and sports pages, business news, and of course, showbiz!

    To my dismay, when I come up for air from tiem to time, I find that I have rarely missed anything of value, since the storylines for intrigue are persistent, long-lived and dominate national thought. I am saddened at the idea that as a nation, we really have very little of interest to say that is not rooted in speculation. How can we hope to progress as a nation when our collective mind is usurped by intrigue as showbiz (e.g. Big Brother) or intrigue as politics? If ideas give birth to reality, our future is dismal and shallow.

    Your blog is refreshing and therefore most welcome.


  2. eman

    Who is the publisher of Business Mirror? I hope they have better writers than Business World. Monsod simply stinks.

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