Dancing with ghosts

As those who loiter by this newsstand already know, I have a thing about anonymous comments. I welcome them, but I am temperamentally unable to respond to them, at least not with any consistency. But someone who frequents this intersection, Jojo Abinales, dances rather nimbly with ghosts. This comment thread, for example, is a crash course on recent and not-so-recent CPP-NPA-NDF history.


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One response to “Dancing with ghosts

  1. Jojo

    John, an apology for messing up facts: Boying Pimentel’s coming book is a revised version of his bio of the late Edgar Jopson, but which includes — he tells me — a section when Joy Jopson and Rollie Kintanar became intimate with each other. Jopson’s life will also be written about in volume 2 of the Ateneo’s recollection of its students’ and alumni’s involvement in the anti-Marcos dictatorship struggle. It would be interesting to read both accounts, coming as they are from different perspectives.

    Anvil informs us that Boying’s book will be out pretty soon.

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