Back from the brink?

I see that the Manila Times has a scoop, courtesy of its veteran Congress reporter. (I don’t have access to the usual features, such as integrated links, right now, so may I spell out the address instead? It’s at

"The Senate early Monday evening lifted its order holding National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales in contempt for refusing to divulge vital information on the contract he had signed with the US lobby group Venable LLP, a Senate source told The Manila Times."

It would be easy to file this decision (which according to the report will be officially announced sometime today) under the heading: Senate blinks in stand-off with Palace. But it is also possible, in fact even likely, that the decision is part of back-channel efforts to ease Palace-Senate tensions.

The Inquirer’s main story today ( hints as much.

"President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has rejected proposals that she cut short her term to pave the way for the holding of snap elections in 2007, but she is now open to giving the opposition seats in her Cabinet, the Inquirer learned yesterday."

The snap elections proposal came from the Black and White Movement; in other words, people outside the loop. The Cabinet revamp, on the other hand, is famously the idea of Bro. Mike Velarde, an inside power player if there ever was one.

Stepping back from the brink seems like an idea agreed upon in a powwow of power players.



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6 responses to “Back from the brink?

  1. John,

    Seems like Manila Times got “kuryente”. Drilon denies lifting the ban, yet.

  2. kulas

    as of 10.26 a.m. has removed the scoop. “nakureyente” yata sila. they have a new post stating that the senate has denied lifting the the order of contempt on gonzales

  3. Thank you. I got wind of it around 10 am, with the denial attributed to Joker Arroyo, but I was in a planning meeting then. Kuryente, or trial balloon?

  4. manuelbuencamino

    Trial balloon.

  5. Dan Mariano

    Neither did The Manila Times suffer a “kuryente” nor did remove it. As a 24-hour service, updates its news as soon as the latest information comes in. On a single day, for instance, a story may develop several times, occasionally in seeming conflict. But in the case of Bert Gonzales, The Times got it right, and its online partner,, duly reflected it in its final report on the matter.

  6. This is interesting!

    Mainstream media correcting an error or at least a wrong perception in the comments thread of the blogosphere. Seems like the table has made a quarter turn. Do we take it that MSM or at least some parts of it are listening to the bloggers?

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