A chronology?

Dawn, Thursday, October 27. Former Budget Secretary Emilia Boncodin, the Hyatt 10 member widely thought to possess the most damaging information about the Arroyo administration, is rushed to the National Kidney Institute, because of a sudden attack of hypertension.

Afternoon, Thursday, October 27. Boncodin’s deposition on the controversial fertilizer fund scandal is received by the Senate committee on food and agriculture.

6:24 am, Friday, October 28. Fire strikes the Budget office in Malacanang.

Senior Fire Officer 1 Reynaldo Marcelino said the fire started at 6:24 a.m. at the DBM Building 3 near the Ayala Bridge.

As of 6:55 a.m., the fire was still raging at the front right portion of the ground floor of the two-story building, which houses the DBM’s computer center.

Quite likely a coincidence, but as a measure of the Arroyo administration’s credibility problems, the fire can only stoke unflattering speculation.


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