Bloody Wednesday

Was in Baguio on Wednesday, to discuss something with some of our Northern Luzon correspondents. Throughout the workshop, the cellphones kept ringing; it was bloody Wednesday. The night before, Hacienda Luisita union leader Rick Ramos had been shot to death. On Wednesday, the violence became a morbid orgy, a "festival of killings." In the morning, Bayan Pampanga chair Francisco Rivera was gunned down after his usual morning jog; two other men, Rivera’s running companions, were killed too. Sometime past 5 pm, Piston Bulacan president and Anakpawis chair Federico de Leon was shot in the head and chest, by a man and a woman posing as passengers on his jeepney. During the workshop, we talked about the future, about plans and initiatives, but the long arm of the present kept reaching in.

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  1. Tarlac police tagged 2 army seargents as possible suspects. Predictably, the military denied any involvement in the killings. And then NSA Bert Gonzales, perhaps to defend the military bureaucracy and to distract attention of the public to the wave of killings, accused progressive party list groups of funding the activities of the NPA in the provinces. The accusation is not new but it is conveniently repeated by the government when there is a breakdown in peace talks, during elections, and everytime the Left is launching big mass actions in the streets.

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