No margin for error

Back in the country, and the first thing that strikes me is the Palace digging in its heels. I would have thought a straightforward retraction on the Julius Babao allegation (the spinmeisters could have called it "a clarification") would have been the better part of presidential valor. But perhaps we’ve reached a point where even the gracious admission of a mistake is now itself mistaken (by both the President’s supporters and her critics) for vulnerability or weakness.

The paranoid style in politics, Philippine style.


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3 responses to “No margin for error

  1. John,

    Being out of country has conjured hallucinations of a remorseful palace in you. Heh heh. I wish.

    A retraction is a hue lighter than an unrequited “I am sorry” speech. If saying sorry was not appreciated then, the hawks in the palace deigned it a sign of weakness to retract this time. Damn the president’s credibility as long as the palace stands tall…..on stilts.

    On the other hand, there have lately been no good news to deflect the people’s wrath on the EVAT. So, what better way than to resurrect old haunts, divide media, and divert the people’s attention to something controversial yet ephemeral and generally harmless on the palace.

    Now we see the palace passing the buck on ISAFP. I suppose the president’s men were all absent when Truman was giving a civics lesson on where the buck stops.

  2. manuelbuencamino

    Gloria loves her country too much to say “I’m sorry”. She’s from that generation that grew of on that tearjerker movie , “Love never means having to say you’re sorry.

  3. Again, Dawin, my apologies for the late reply! But I do in fact still like to think that the Palace may still surprise us, in part because I am always wary of imagining any institution as monolithic, and in part because I continue to have a high respect for certain members of the President’s team, including — to mention only two, off the cuff — Ric Saludo and Popo Lotilla. I guess hope does spring eternal!

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