Missing in action, that is. It’s been almost a week since my last, rather cursory, post. And it’s been about two weeks since I’ve posted with any frequency (the last regular one, on Julius Babao, was a doozy; former boss Dan Mariano wrote it up, and I got calls even while I was in Hong Kong; it isn’t a dead issue, either, because as the Acsa Ramirez experience showed, this particular administration does not do gracious well).

Some of my time has been devoted to a new initiative which I cannot talk about just yet; I was, for instance, in Legazpi last week, and Mt. Mayon was kind enough to show itself to me on the day I left. My PC monitor at home also went blank on me; turns out the contact points were dirty. The result: Blog-less days.

I did have time to surf the Net, but only sporadically. So I actually missed the pyrotechnics in the so-called blogosphere on the Babao issue, the PCIJ TRO, the Kumander Putol snafu. I caught a bit of the People’s Court, but I missed out on most of the theatrics. (The drama, I see now, was the point of it all.)

And here’s something I missed too: Cathy de los Santos’s bracing website, which I used to read regularly. It was certainly provocative, but much of what it provoked, like in certain of Milan Kundera’s sensual passages, was thought. I guess it’s been pulled; I guess that’s what happens when you push.



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3 responses to “Missing

  1. DJB

    So shy! But fact is, there is no paper more accomplished than PDI in the modern art of the sabong applied to journalism. I see you guyz did it expertly with FVR too recently. Congratulations! Your kung fu is defensibly ethical, and bristling with plausible deniability.

  2. DJB

    I found some of Arashi-Kishu in the Global Cache. Maybe she’s got a new blog. Hope so, some of that read good.

    No blog is an island!

  3. Thanks, Dean. As it turns out, she only changed her blog name, to http://www.arashi-kishu-world.blogspot.com.

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