No closure

The idea that Virgilio Garcillano’s forthcoming testimony (forthcoming, that is, only in terms of time) will finally bring "closure" to the Hello Garci scandal is risible. It won’t. The closest we will come to closure, in the sense used by many political writers, is if Garcillano confesses that he had indeed rigged the elections on the President’s behalf (and at her behest). Nothing short of that will do. Is that something Garcillano looks set to do? Not likely. Of course we should be open to all possibilities, but does Garcillano seem like the kind of career official who goes against authority?

Malacanang, of course, has a crafty take on Garcillano’s reemergence. Closure, in its view, had already been achieved, when the House threw out the flawed impeachment bid against the President. (Did Francis Escudero receive his TOYM award for leading the ultimately unsuccessful impeachment charge? I would hope not. Perhaps it was for becoming House Minority Leader at such a young age.)

Even more craftily, the Palace also views the recent string of good news on the economic front as part of the all-important process of closure, as though the peso’s appreciation and the Phisix’s gains were some kind of vindication for the President’s handling of the political crisis.

It will be in for a rude awakening come January.


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