Criticize THIS

For my money, the real story of the day yesterday was Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita’s endorsement of the Consultative Commission’s unconstitutional proposal to scrap the 2007 elections. I believe Ermita even used the word "disruptive" to describe the mid-term elections.

In truth, it is the scrapping of the elections that will prove disruptive. I happen to believe that the real end to the Garcillano scandal may come only through the May 2007 elections. As I have written before, the outer limit of the President’s crisis of legitimacy will be reached during the mid-term polls, when out of sheer disgust or bone-weariness, an "impeachment Congress" will be elected. (Conversely, if public difference will serve to return the same rascals to Congress — I use the word advisedly, in its traditional sense of, well, members of rascaldom [you could look it up] — then perhaps we can expect the Arroyo administration to limp on till 2010.)

The trial balloon from Malacanang, therefore, strikes me as more than just hot air. It is nothing less than the administration’s most brazen attempt to hang on to power by changing the rules of the political game. The balloon must be shot down, and not only promptly but also loudly.


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  1. DJB

    I can’t believe there is not a published copy of Garci’s Second Petition with the Supreme Court ANYWHERE. It’s just the most important legal maneuver of Gloriagate. But who has actually read it? Analysed it? Understood it? Where the heck is it? Anybody know someone with a copy?

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