Unintended consequences

Undersecretary Marius Corpus’s emotional remarks, made when he presented (or, rather, displayed a copy of) the DILG-led factfinding committee’s report yesterday, managed to do the otherwise improbable: They turned ABS-CBN into the victim. He has since sought to explain his outburst, and even apologized to the network. But the "damage," in this strictly limited context, has been done.

(Note to other civil servants tempted by the possibilities of spontaneity: It does no good to blame someone for treating certain people "like animals," and then, in the same breath, to compare those same people to "a pack of hungry wolves.")

Not having read the committee report, I can only go by descriptions of it and excerpts from it as have appeared in the papers or on TV. If the report has not been mischaracterized, then I’m afraid the committee may have missed the true cause. It could not have been the announcement that only 300 tickets were going to be distributed; in the first place, the fact that there was an announcement is itself in dispute. And (government mentality aside), what is an organizer to do if in fact there are not enough seats left? Last Sunday, Corpus pointedly asked ABS-CBN executives why they didn’t let more people in. Perhaps because there was no more space?

I think blaming the organizer for making the necessary announcement misses the point. Such an announcement would have been unpopular, but Corpus and the rest of the committee seem to have mistaken unpopularity for culpability. But surely the responsibility lies in the lack of adequate measures to support such an announcement?


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One response to “Unintended consequences


    The ABSCBN tragedy was more of the negligence of the spoiled brat of the rating games that the network thought the success of its poor man’s wowowie program will attract more advertisers as there were men in the queues outside ultra.

    ABSCBN has always been like that. Everytime it produces a new film, exaggerations are more likely to follow to elicit even the least gullible person around.

    This is the karma of the rating game which tends to sidestep the need for public concern for the sector that the network bleeds for blood money.

    Willie Revillame and ABSCBN can always shout to high heavens that this wowowie is heaven sent, them being God’s surrogate to the poor and ABSCBN the chariot of fire to the heavens– though this time, it was hell.

    GMA should be more conspicuous here because her indifference to the real plight of the poor is reflected in the tragedy. Instead of pointing a finger at ABSCBN, she should rub it against her husband who, at this point, has become a symbol of hypocrisy and corruption that splashes mud right smack at GMA face. Please, Madam, stop riding through this debacle as you rode through Pacquiao’s demolition of Morales or the personal triumph over dishonesty for that admirable little girl or the feat of Lara Quigaman. They’re admirable Madam, and your presence in their midst only heightens and highlights the contrast of good and evil, genuine accomplishments against questionable mandate.

    Sad…very sad. Filipinos are not only poor. They are also dumb. That includes me.

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