Mistaken for a bird

Oh, yes. I was looking forward to this. After news spread that Dick Cheney had accidentally shot a hunting partner, I couldn’t wait to catch Letterman, Leno and Stewart. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure about their schedule on Philippine cable. Good thing AP, and MSNBC, came to the rescue.



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3 responses to “Mistaken for a bird

  1. Coco Alcuaz

    When friends ask why I read no — or very, very little fiction — I say because non-fiction bios and histories are just as exciting, inspiring or moving. If not more so.
    This story — while it’s not a book — proves that non-fiction trumps fiction. And also that God — despite the fact that many of his representatives in the Vatican and CBPCP are way too earnest — has a great sense of humor. Dante and theologians say eternal happiness is all about “contemplating” God and basking in his presence in Paradiso. I like to think He will also be fun to joke around with. What material He will have!

  2. carol

    As for the Cheney shooting incident.. Do y’all know he shot a lawyer. wonder what the bag limit is, in that state. okay bad joke

  3. DJB

    There’s no bag limit on lawyuhs in that state, just on Quayle..

    but we shouldn’t be unkind, the bird was septuagenarian, like the convicts GMA and Noli recently released. BTW, was that such a good idea, letting all those DOMs go? Some say the optics was great: it’ll make room for the Younger Inmates. Yummmm…

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