A clumsy mistake

Okay, Proclamation 1017 has been lifted. Now what?

Secretary Raul Gonzalez seems to think the media (a principal target of the presidential proclamation) has learned its lesson.

Gonzalez added that one thing he learned from Proclamation 1017 was that even the "most rebellious media were intimidated by the proclamation and [as a result] had begun to reexamine their policies."

(Maria Ressa of ABS-CBN issued an immediate rejoinder: "We will not be intimidated.")

A more candid (or more cunning?) presidential adviser, ex-stock analyst and incumbent Albay congressman Joey Salceda, has a completely different take. He thinks the crackdown on media was absolutely ill-advised and decidedly counter-productive: it was, he says, "a clumsy and silly mistake." I will have to wait for tomorrow’s paper to be uploaded, before I can link to the story. But let me insert the image of tomorrow’s front page of the Inquirer Compact, to give anyone curious enough an advance look. (Please click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image.)



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