April Fool’s

Expect the next round of speculative news to center on the resignation ("effective April 1, 2006 or as soon as my successor is appointed, whichever comes first,") of Solicitor General Alfredo Benipayo. The news comes a week after Benipayo admitted the weakness of the Arroyo administration’s legal position in oral arguments on Proclamation 1017 before the Supreme Court.

(Here, as in the United States,  the Solicitor General is the government’s chief lawyer, with responsibility for arguing the government’s cases before the Supreme Court.)

"He told me he was resigning. He said he wanted to go back to private life," his boss, the Secretary of Justice, Raul Gonzalez, told INQ7.net. Considering the Orwellian doublespeak this administration has become known for, I wonder what a return to private life really means.


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