The numbers game, again

Now this is more like it.

Leaders of the House opposition said Thursday they will revive their bid to impeach President Arroyo in July as soon as they get the 79 votes needed for the complaint to prosper.

"We would think once, twice, thrice before filing it if we don’t have the required votes yet of 79 upon filing. We wouldn’t want to fall into the same trap of filing with less than the required 79," House Minority Leader Francis Escudero told the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines at [the] Mandarin Oriental, Makati City.

I think the political opposition should come to terms with the fact that the numbers game in the impeachment process actually favors the minority. The political opposition rationalized its failure to gather the 79 signatures it needed to push the impeachment case against the President on to the Senate as yet another sordid example of the tyranny of the majority. Nonsense. In impeachment cases, the Constitution actually allows a minority to trump the majority of congressmen; Escudero should know, having been involved in the originally successful attempt to impeach Chief Justice Hilario Davide on October 23, 2003.

Now if he and his allies can only keep a low profile while they do the hard work of sourcing signatures. Why telegraph one’s punches?



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2 responses to “The numbers game, again

  1. DJB

    Poor Chiz. The Palace knows it must stop the impeachment move in the Lower House, fully aware of a Senate full of heroes, 20 of whom have been wearing black arm bands to work lately. But I just wonder what the Supreme Court will rule in the case of Garci’s Second Petition (to bury the Garci Tapes and all those House Committee reports). That could sink the blithering House Opposition. It won’t actually be easy for chiz to breach the Maginot Line in the House, since the Palace knows the Senate is just itching to erase its historic failure in Erap’s case, and save itself from extinction. Then there is the matter of the 2007 elections, a surefire kettle of blackmail and gentle persuasion. The Rule of the Minority may not prevail this year, punches semaphored or not. Between the trapos and their Consiglieri, seems chiz may be surrounded and out-gunned.

  2. Chiz Escudero should know that Gloria and her rabid lapdogs are on the offensive. Why announce on national television their plan to file another impeachment complaint, only to be beaten to the draw by Oliver Lozano?

    These people need to read Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”.

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