Sleeping with surveys

John Marzan was kind enough to leave two lengthy, thought-provoking comments, about my reading of the latest Pulse Asia survey. (They are also in his blog.) In a word, he gently suggests that I shouldn’t take surveys all that seriously. He says Joseph Estrada’s numbers were healthier than Gloria Arroyo’s, and yet he still found himself chased out of Malacanang.  I respect John’s point of view (I certainly don’t think we should base our decisions on surveys alone), but I will have to disagree with him on certain points. I do not have the time right now to respond to his generous inputs in the right way; I hope I can do so later tonight. But in the meantime, may I suggest that we consult the archives of the Social Weather Stations?

Unfortunately, the SWS website does not have permalinks to specific files; still, the surveys are easy to find. Go to the site, click on news releases, scroll down to 2000 and then to 2001, and then click on the appropriate story.

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