Ah, lawyers!

The headline in this San Jose Mercury News story almost says it all: "Married man is suing for date."

John Claassen wants a date so badly he’s suing for one.

He’s taking eHarmony.com to court, because the popular online matchmaker refused to find him the perfect mate.

Why? Because he is married.



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6 responses to “Ah, lawyers!

  1. Oh lord — I probably shouldn’t say this but…I will. Maybe this is why he’s getting divorced?

    Funny thing is anyone here who’s familiar with online dating services (ahem — lots of my friends use them and tell me; I’m married and NOT looking for a date 🙂 ) knows eHarmony is quite conservative. You wonder why he would have signed up with them instead of Match.com, which is not.

    Unless he couldn’t find a date through that service as well — and not because of his marital status either.

  2. John,

    Your title is most unjust to my profession. I have a mind to sue you 🙂

  3. Dawin, sometimes it’s hard to improve on reality!

    And Gigi, I guess lawyers just don’t take no for an answer!

  4. Sunny

    I don’t think it has anything to do with conservatism on the part of Eharmony. Think back to anyone you know who has tried to “move on” right after getting out of a long-term relationship. How many of them were truly ready to “move on?” Most likely, Mr. Claassen is just on the rebound. It would be better if he took his newfound singlehood as an opportunity to reflect on the ending of the marriage, heal and learn from the past, and then “move on.” I think I can say with assurance that Mr. Claassen, or anyone else for that matter who tries to jump into another relationship right after their marriage or long-term dating relationship has just ended, is only going to end up rolling over any and all of the unresolved baggage from the previous relationship into the new relationship. How fair is that? I think we can all relate in some way, whether we have been the reboundee, the rebounder, or both.
    For crying out loud, John, just take some time to be on your own! You may find out a lot of wonderful things about yourself that you might not have otherwise discovered if you weren’t so determined to jumping into another relationship so soon.

  5. Wendy

    Well, as conservative as it is…eHarmony has listed its rules in print, it’s up to the user to choose to go with the game, or choose elsewhere to look for anyone. So if that individual does not agree with the rules, why is he signed as a member? He’s filing a case saying that he’s being discriminated? He’s a lawyer too ?!

  6. Maybe — maybe he really just wants a relationship: romantic, preferably, but even of the litigious kind if there’s nothing else on the table! Of course, I’m just kidding around. But, come to think of it, doesn’t a lawsuit require commitment too?

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