Cough relief

Would you believe it? After day-long sweltering heat, it started to rain a few minutes ago. I was up to get my medicine, and I heard the familiar but unwelcome sound of rain. The extremes in temperature (it must have been the mid-30s already the last few days, while in the car and in the office I would guess it’s the low 20s) had laid me low. Good thing I’ve discovered what Filipino Chinese (and broadcast journalists) have known for many years: the amazing Pei Pa Koa (“very popular for centuries because of its effectiveness and soothing taste”), which is now available even in candy (lozenge) form.



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2 responses to “Cough relief

  1. Jeg

    One of the ingredients listed on the label is apis chinensis. Now my Latin is all but non-existent, but this sounds so very much like… Chinese bees. What, do they roast them and grind them up? 😀

  2. My packet of Pei Pa Koa lozenges says the ingredients are “loquat juice, lotus root juice orange juice [note: no comma in between], honey, field mint, almond oil, malt sugar, granulated [comma included].” Apparently, I got the non-Latin version!

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