What’s the frequency?

I’d settle for a good working estimate of the number of Internet users in the Philippines. According to this Agence France Presse story, it’s above 5 million, and will double in two years.

The number of Internet users in the Philippines is expected to more than double to 13.5 million by 2008, an information technology research firm said on Thursday.

The estimate is a sharp increase from the estimated current 5.6 million users said Cesar Tolentino, senior analyst of XMG, a Canada-based IT market research firm.

But search Google, and stats like these pop up at you. Apparently, we already had almost 8 million users in March 2005 — that is, a year ago.

7,820,000 Internet users as March/05, 9.1% of the population, according to Computer Industry Almanac.

I tried accessing the International Telecommunications Union website, to try to get their figures, but apparently they changed the furniture since my last visit, and I kept bumping into unfamiliar appliances. I’d appreciate a few solid leads.


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