I was all set to go, but something came up. As a result, I missed iBlog2; in particular, the session on political blogging, which I was looking forward to attending. But I was able to read the "live-blogging" work of Von Totanes (see here, here, and here) and, later in the day, Jove Francisco (one, two, tie my shoe; three, four, shut the door). The summaries helped, but the pictures were, perhaps literally, really worth a thousand words (or some six thousand characters).



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3 responses to “iBlogged

  1. Hi John. Sana maka join ka next time. Thanks for sharing the event coverage!

  2. Yes, I’d like that. Maybe the Inquirer can help out too.

  3. hey, for iBlog2, how come it just remains to be a summit or seminar? is there a way for us to come up with association of bloggers, like som sort of non-profit organization or council? with that, we can empower blogging in the country, and come up with some sort of standards, not only to enhance blogging as a medium, but also to protect bloggers from crazy ideas and comic reliefs such as PP1017?
    please add a link of my blog to your blog:

    also, if it’s possible, maybe we can all establish some sort of association of bloggers, then come up with some sorts of summits, standards, etc.

    please reply/email for confirmation. i shall add a link of your site upon confirmation 😀

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