Vietnam rose

Here at the Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace conference at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City, the talk of the town, at least over lunch, is Vietnam. Two of the delegates scheduled to attend the conference were arrested at the airport yesterday, before enplaning for Manila. Chi Dang, of the Free Journalists Association, did say she received word last night that her two colleagues were released eventually. But the fact that the arrests took place brought home to everyone in the conference the true stakes involved.

Erwin Oliva has a first report on the three-day conference out on And Von Totanes, aka Filipino Librarian, is blogging for PCIJ; he has two updates (here, which carries a copy of Sheila Coronel’s impressive overview of the Asian cyberspace scene, and here).

Postscript (April 20): Here are more details on the Vietnamese experience.



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2 responses to “Vietnam rose

  1. cyberbaguioboy

    I was glad to have finally met you John. I read your blog a lot. I was also happy to see other journalists in your “recommended reading” bookmark. I too was impressed with the Free Expression in Asian Cyberpress, especially the one by Vietnam. After an interview with her, I was glad that we still have the freedom to write anything in this country, and to blog about it. More power to you. Keep on blogging.

  2. Good to have finally met you too, Erwin. I’m in the middle of changing or adding to the blog, so my lists are not complete, and not all “features” are operational. In a week or two, I hope.

    Yes, the Vietnam experience certainly sent a chill down my spine.

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