“Part of the conspiracy”

Much of what many of us know about Leandro Aragoncillo’s guilty plea last Thursday in New Jersey came from the Associated Press. Even the story which appeared on Page A3 of the Washington Post is an AP dispatch.

But take a look at the prosecuting district attorney’s own news release though. And then read the actual indictment.

Paragraph 8 under the first charge struck me; it expands the scope of the alleged conspiracy. It seems the US justice department believes Aragoncillo actually sought jobs with the CIA and the NSA, too, as part of the overall plan.

8. It was part of the conspiracy that defendant Aragoncillo sought positions within the OVP, the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency ("CIA") and the National Security Agency ("NSA") in order to maintain regular access to documents and information classified for reasons of national security that would be of use and interest to his Co-conspirators.



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2 responses to ““Part of the conspiracy”

  1. hey great links. aside from the AP story, I was able to find a news story by the ny times.


    i just wrote about leandro aragoncillo in one of my blog entries. will check out the documents from the u.s. government.

  2. Thanks for the link too, Amee. It’s new to me. Aragoncillo’s a sad story; I think he was used not by one but by two sets of politicians-with-agenda. According to the timeline, Ping Lacson came into the picture very late in the day, in 2005.

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