Unidentified motorcycle-riding gunmen

Annaliza Abanador was slain Thursday inside the clothes and gifts shop in Balanga, Bataan where she worked as a cashier. That would make her assassination (she was an organizer for a Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya or National Democracy Movement affiliate) doubly remarkable; she was not only the 10th leftist activist killed in two weeks, but she was the first to be killed inside her place of work. Usually, the assassins kill their victims out in the open, on the street.

But according to the KPD, the assassins rode a motorcycle. That detail fits the pattern of many of the killings (by the Inquirer’s count, over 120 in five years).

Joe Torres helpfully runs excerpts from a PCIJ survivor manual. This survival tip in particular stands out:

When driving on wide lanes or avenues, drive close to the island to prevent motorcycles from approaching or riding abreast. As in the Damalerio case, the killer came from the left and had a clear shot of Damalerio, who was driving.

Of course, this wouldn’t have helped in Abanador’s case.

PS. A tiny discrepancy in the report on the Balanga slay has been nagging at me since yesterday. According to the KPD, the killers arrived on a motorcycle. That must mean that there were witnesses who saw the killers drive up to the store. (Else who is to say they did not use a car or arrived on foot?) According to the police, however, Abanador was killed at around 4:30 pm, and her body was discovered only at around 6 pm, by a customer. Didn’t the witnesses hear the gunshots? (She was shot nine times.) If they did, what did they do in the hour-and-a-half between attack and discovery? But if there was no one to hear the gunshots, who saw the motorcycle?



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2 responses to “Unidentified motorcycle-riding gunmen

  1. manuelbuencamino

    Is this is a gang or something specializing in these type of killings?

  2. most of the killings occur in the area of assignment of Palparan. the survival manual should add: avoid going to Central Luzon, avoid Palparan.

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