29 May 2006: Today’s links

The Universalis blog: I did not realize that Martin Kochanski, whose admirable online breviary I’ve used on and off for years, has decided to keep a blog. Mass tourism (as in, Holy Mass), anyone?

The Global Voices podcast: The very first, in Global Voices’ newsmagazine format, includes Juned Sonido reporting on the Da Vinci Code reception in Manila. Interesting experiment, though I’d like to correct two mistakes at the start of the report: It was Bishop Ramon Arguelles who pushed for a ban on the movie, not Archbishop Angel Lagdameo. And the movie was in fact banned in the city of Manila, on pain of a fine and imprisonment. The R-18 rating allowed other cities, with less reactionary city councils than Manila’s, to screen the movie. (Try Radio Free Harvard Cubao and Baratillo too.)

Hillary Clinton’s iPod test, which Jack Shafer Jacob Weisberg (so sorry, my bad) scores in more ways than one. Kevin Drum does not know Jack (ah, Jacob?), and strongly disapproves.



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3 responses to “29 May 2006: Today’s links

  1. Thank you for the mention. Guilty as charged with mistaking Archbishop Angel Lagdameo for Bishop Ramon Arguelles. I did not learn about the decision of the city of Manila till after recording the podcast. I will post the necessary corrections on the blog. Thanks again.

  2. But please keep it up. It was good to hear a Filipino voice in the first Global Voices podcast. Here’s to more of Radio Free Harvard Cubao!

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