30 May 2006: Today’s links

The "common good" thinkpiece making the rounds of the Democratic party: It’s a month late, but still worth a close read; this may be the "big idea" the Bush opposition is looking for.

Project Gutenberg in the Philippines: Thanks to Manolo for calling our attention to this admirable, and necessary, work-in-progress.

Another name for our obsession with books: Less sexy than book lust, but think of the possibilities! (Courtesy, of course, of Word Spy.)

Underneath the Robes: People magazine meets the American judiciary (another reason why Edwin Lacierda must thank his lucky stars). Sample topic: the hottest judges in the United States. (Of course, hot is relative, but does anyone remember Kimba Wood, once Clinton’s nominee for Attorney General?)


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One response to “30 May 2006: Today’s links

  1. John,

    Thanks for the link. Did it occur to you that if we have something like that here, there is a possibility that it might be subject to the contempt powers of the courts. That is, if the judges are savvy enough to go through the blogs.

    But that link gave me a good idea. Not to dig dirt on the judges but to humanize their work, that beneath their robes are human beings yearning to disengage themselves occasionally from the dignity of their office and prance around in trivial pursuit. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Thanks again.

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