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The government will have to reenact the 2005 budget, because the bicameral conference committee could not agree on the budget cuts for 2006. (The House position echoed that of the Palace: No cuts. Period.)

[Rep. Joey] Salceda said last-ditch efforts to narrow, if not fully restore, the P26.3 billion in cuts made by the Senate in the House-approved budget had proved futile.

“As House panel head, I have called off further negotiations on the budget since all options for a viable agreement have been explored and exhausted,” said Salceda in a text message Wednesday night.

I found out today, however, that what I thought was the choicest quote in all the beat-generated stories (from Malacanang, from the Senate, and from the House) did not make it to the Inquirer wrap-up. But because Inquirer Compact’s lack of space forced us to use basically just one story, that filed by our House reporter, we were able to use the missing remarks.

Salceda, you see, had also said the following:

"In times like this, you would know who truly loves the country and who realistically cares for the poor — an intransigent President, a belligerent Senate, or a subservient House, or a complacent people. Indeed, RP is a country of missed opportunities."


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  1. Who would trust GMA with such a huge fund after Bolante and Garci? E di Bobolantickin lang yan. If she truly cares, why, and Salceda should see this easily, she could very well ask that the funds in question be realigned to the proper agencies, not under her office where she could juggle with impunity. But no she won’t because she has other things in mind. Playing Machiavellian has its drawbacks; it isn’t like she alone knows the game. She played rough long enough; she’ll get her match one of these days.

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