The New York Times? What’s that?

That may be the new line from the Palace, once the administration gets its hands on yesterday’s editorial ("Unimpeachable logic") in the Wall Street Journal. The Times had famously run a stinging editorial last April attacking President Arroyo for "undermining a hard-won democracy." (The Times version is here, but apparently it is now behind the online gates; the version in the IHT, however, is still accessible here.) The editorial got the President’s goat (but I must say Resty Odon’s curt, curmudgeonly  take on the whole NYT-is-writing-about-the-Philippines issue was spot on).

Yesterday’s WSJ editorial, however, should erase a few creases from the Palace smile. (The article is behind a subscribers-only wall.) It isn’t one of the Journal’s better pieces: The second paragraph has a yawning grammatical lapse (a confusion in tenses) and, worse, a glaring factual error (a confusion in the number of impeachment complaints filed last year). The second-to-the-last paragraph also asserts a doubtful proposition. But that won’t stop the Palace from going to town and dining out for days on the WSJ’s vote of confidence.

Still, the opposition parties want more — although it’s unclear what, exactly, that is. All that they seem to advocate is Ms. Arroyo’s swift removal, which would imply that — in the short term, at least — Vice President Noli de Castro, a former television broadcaster, would assume the presidency. After that, who knows — the opposition parties don’t boast a strong leader, either.

The editorial’s entire thesis is summed up in its last sentence:

If Manila’s politicians could stop squabbling long enough, they’d realize that there are bigger things to worry about.


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