Bishop Iniguez, World Cup striker

That header, I’m afraid,  is one more proof of a split personality — mine. I’d like nothing better than to talk about the pulsating Germany win over Argentina, which I caught last night (and which ended way past 1 am, Manila time), or to discuss Dean Bocobo’s lucid analysis of the issues involved in Bishop Iniquez’s decision to file an impeachment complaint. But I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.

Maybe later I can add my two cents to Dean’s take: There is nothing to stop Bishop Iniquez from filing the complaint, yes, but just because he can doesn’t mean he must. That would be acting like, you know, a certain economist turned commander-in-chief.


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One response to “Bishop Iniguez, World Cup striker

  1. Hi John,

    long-time lurker here. I was wondering – why haven’t news outlets published the full content of the NDF-Madrigal communiques? Even newspapers’ online versions have neglected to upload it.

    If you do have a copy of both communiques (the joint communique, the NDF-only communique), do ya think you could rectify the situation and post ’em on your blog?


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