More Ninoy

The woman everyone calls Tita Eggie also remembers the day Ninoy was shot.

But at around 1 p.m. I felt something in the air that made me call the Associated Press office at Roxas Boulevard. The excited voice of Norie Aureus, wife of David Briscoe, AP local chief, answered, saying there was trouble at the airport but they did not know exactly what and that they were short-handed at the AP office.

I quickly dressed up and, in less than five minutes, I was at the AP office, offering to help. The first thing Briscoe asked me to do was to call Juan Ponce Enrile, Marcos’ defense secretary. Enrile answered the phone himself and quickly told me that he was not sure what had happened and that he knew nothing.

The Inquirer editorial, meanwhile, lists three of Ninoy’s legacies.


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