In praise of stickiness

If you have a spare second, please take part in the quasi-survey I’m running (it’s on the upper right corner). I’m trying out the new Vizu widget on Typepad; I realize the results would be skewed to the few who drop by this particular newsstand, but what the heck. Let’s live a little. I was curious to find out how many of you actually voted for GMA or FPJ.

All it takes is one click.

If this experiment works out, maybe we can run other statistically senseless surveys. You know, just to get the adrenalin going.

Typepad has a highly satisfied customer in me (even though, ahem, Newsstand has never been a featured blog, or even a link in the list of Recently Updated sites). Just this month, I forked over another annual payment to the accountants in Six Apart (the company that runs Typepad); I’m sure they were as happy to see the color of my money as I am to continue tending to this newsstand, at this particular busy intersection.

In the last few months, I’ve tried to make the site a little stickier. I’ve included a search-this-blog box (courtesy of Technorati) as well as a search-other-Philippine-political-blogs feature (courtesy of Rollyo). I am particularly happy with both the Newsvine ticker from the Associated Press (which is a real-time headline news service; if you click on the links, you are directed to the actual story, usually at least several paragraphs long, right on the AP Newsvine website) and the Technorati Favorites feature, which shows updates from 26 blogs I follow. Naturally, I also worked on what marketing guys would call a new and improved blogroll. The new and improved version still doesn’t match the 50 RSS feeds I’ve signed up for on Bloglines, that marvelous timesaver, but I’m working on it. Oh, I also finally decided on using categories, the easier to find which post is kept under which file.

But if all this is a little too sticky for you, maybe you can subscribe to the Newsstand RSS feed instead (there are three of them). Then you can do your reading (for a sample read, please click on the Subscribe to this site button at the bottom of the left sideblog) without even having to visit this particular intersection in busy Metro Manila. That, at least, will save you a trip.


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  1. nice, cozy place you got here :)..

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