Senate possibilities

Pulse Asia has just released the results of a survey it took a couple of months ago, about the voting public’s preferred candidates for the Senate. Pulse_senate_july_2006_1(Someone described some of the results to me about two weeks ago.) I guess if the administration plan to eliminate the Senate pushes through, next year’s winners will be (as Woody Allen wrote of the peculiar fate that awaits atheists after death) "all dressed up and nowhere to go." I’m attaching the first of two pages, showing the first 35 names; the second page can be accessed on the Pulse website. (Again, please click on the inserted image to enlarge it.) Naturally, a caveat must be said: It is still early days, so the rankings will change as the election approaches. In the meantime, let the number-crunching games begin. (For a start, note how more people are "aware" of Chiz Escudero than of Alan Peter Cayetano, but more people said they were willing to vote for the latter than the former.)


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