Post, continued

I had always wanted to use "continued posts" — not because clicking on a "Continue reading" link would add to my blog stats (although, to be completely candid, that is not an unwelcome benefit), but because I had always wanted a "varied" look and feel to this particular corner of the world. Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought then and still think now, if long posts were followed by short ones, if political posts (complete) would alternate with non-political (clickable, continued-post) entries? But I only signed up for Typepad’s basic service, and when I asked our (remarkably helpful) help desk, I was told, with much regret, that the continued-post feature was available only for Plus and Pro subscribers. Not wanting to add more money to the world’s largest economy (Typepad, of course, is based in the US), I thought that that was, well, that. Until last week, when I realized that the feature was now available to all Typepad subscribers (regardless of their contribution to the US GNP). In the continuous stream of improvements that come the subscriber’s way, I must have missed the memo on post continuation. Well, better late than never. Now I can do



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