Bound by blog

When I read Dominique’s post about enplaning to Manila just to attend the Philippine Book Fair, it occurred to me that I might bump into him. Today, with everyone in tow, I made it to the World Trade Center. Somewhere between Fully Booked and National, I saw Dominique (whom, you must understand, I had never met before). I ran after him, and then said, "You must be Dominique, right?" He replied, "You must be John." Amazing, I thought, when I had gathered the books my family bought and shepherded everyone to the car. We had recognized each other in the real world because we blog.



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5 responses to “Bound by blog

  1. Hi, John: it was great meeting you, too! Actually, I recognized you from your TV appearance last week (which I caught in replay). Here’s to more book fairs!

  2. I didn’t realize the Book Fair started at the same date as our PGS event. The culprit of course was the usual “police academy”-type preparation we had for our part in the PGS program. Finished it before lunch, 1.5 hours before actual delivery:)

    Would have found time to drop by late in the afternoon, while the rest of our party went to Mall of Asia or just plainly took the rest off before leaving for Naga by around past 10pm.

  3. I remember being to a PBF at Megamall, and how I wish the latest one’s in Megamall too. Just a bus ride away from here (office).

  4. Jeg

    I remember reading magazine editor Adel Gabot’s blog post about being recognized because he blogged. He found it creepy. 🙂

  5. Heh. I once met another online writer and recognized him because his face was plastered all over his website. Was funny because for a moment I kept thinking: “I know this guy; I’ve seen him before” which was only partially true.

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