Tony Blair wants his mommy

This AFP story on wins my vote for, ah, most unexpected headline of the year: "Blair’s anxious tummy rub reveals the helpless child within"

LONDON — Awkward questions over British involvement in Iraq expose Prime Minister Tony Blair’s helpless inner child, a psychologist said Tuesday after studying the body language of the country’s politicians.

Dr Peter Collett, of Oxford University, told a science conference that Blair has a habit of touching his stomach in stressful situations, which effectively translates as: "I want my mommy."


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One response to “Tony Blair wants his mommy

  1. I generally disapprove of attempting to psychoanalyze people on the basis of body language or other remote observations. It’s too much like Sen. Bill Frist insisting he could accurately establish Terri Schiavo’s mental capacity from a televised video clip.

    Usually when people do this they toss in a bunch of folk stereotypes about “national character” that display a complete lack of respect for the social sciences If that guy’s a psychiatrist, he’s a really contemptibly bad one.

    In the USA we have a guy named Charles Krauthammer who writes columns purporting to explain what mental health problem Pres. Bush’s critics have. So he assured us that the antiwar protestors were suffering from paranoid schizophrenia with delusions of grandeur, etc. It’s a way of avoiding any challenge to his narcissistic political views; anyone who disagrees with him gets a diagnosis of her medical condition, not an honest defense of Krauthammer’s views.

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