The rich are different from you and me

They have electricity. Manolo linked to the page one photo that appeared in today’s Inquirer (through the link). That photo was taken Thursday night by Jim Guiao Punzalan (the photographer I worked with on Unholy Nation: Stories from a Gambling Republic). Today’s issue of Inquirer Compact (please click on the image) used another photo from the same series. Compact_sept302006



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6 responses to “The rich are different from you and me

  1. kaka inggit naman ang mga mayayaman.

  2. I don’t think Mrs. Arroyo has the credibility to ask all those who had taken the nursing board exam this year to retake such exam again. Mrs. Arroyo’s credibility as a president is still a present-day problem. And Miriam Santiago even has the guts to ask Mrs. Arroyo to be nominated as a successor to Mr. Kofi Annan’s U.N. position as Secretary-General. The record of human rights’ violations of the Arroyo regime has been a nightmare in the Philippines. Mrs. Arroyo’s presidency has been using tactics that continuosly threaten and degrade the democratic institutions here in our country. I would rather want Miss Aung San Suu Kyi to be the next Secretary-General of the U.N.. I want a man or a woman from the Yellow or Asianic race to be the next U.N. Secretary-General. Such would-be successor of Mr. Kofi Annan at such U.N. post should be a peaceful and lawful champion of human rights and democracy, so that the U.N. Organization can peacefully and lawfully embrace real and moral democracy. Jackie Chan is also a likely nominee for such position. Jackie Chan is a well-known defender of responsible human freedoms and democracy in Hong Kong. Jackie Chan is well-known all over this world as a true lover of democracy. I would like to ask those readers that sympathize with these objectives to visit and click this web page: . Democracy for the whole U.N. Organization now! Peaceful and lawful democratization for the U.N. Organization! Thanks.

  3. and i thought disasters are equalizing agents . . .

  4. jim

    Sir john, thanks!

  5. Any time, Jim.

    Now that your photo’s been turned into a billboard, Rockwell should at least send you a Thank You card, yes?

  6. jim

    ok lang yun rockwell sir,di lang billboard, may calendar pa at cover ng citiguide magazine nila, at nagpa advertise sila sa inquirer ng two days full page, sana kahit pang yosi lang bigyan ako ng pdi.:(
    sabi ng rockwell po everytime gagamitin yung photo nahgbabayad sila sa pdi.
    ok sir good day!!!!!:)

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