It’s Orhan

Orhan Pamuk of Turkey has won this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature.


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  1. Hi John!

    I’ve found the fly in the Supreme Court’s Ointment…

    Remember that Lambino v. Comelec finds no merit in the plaintiff’s prayer primarily because they did not “show to the people” the full text of the proposed changes for the people “to sign upon the initiative petition.” To support this conclusion, the Court made the following finding of fact based on documents and testimony before it: “If ever, not more than one million signatories saw the petition before they signed the signature sheets.” One indeed gets the impression that the Court thinks almost no one saw the full text.

    But guess what, the SWS 2nd Quarter Survey (results released on July 13, 2006) which SWS and PDI both headlined yesterday as being “consistent” with above basic finding of the Court, in fact DISPROVES the Supreme Court’s finding of fact!

    Mahar Mangahas gives the basic arithmetic results from July: “Six of every ten of those approached on a petition said that they were not shown the amendments which they were asked to sign” in its July 13, 2006 Media Release “‘No’Vote In Cha-cha Plebiscite Rises To 67%; Only 6.8% Have Signed A Petition.” (SWS)

    The NSCB says there about 43.5 million registered voters in 2004 and that the population growth rate is about 2% per annum.

    According to this SWS Data, how many people who had been approached about pi had SEEN the initiative petition by June 2006, 5 months into a 7 month signature collection campaign?

    (Hint: MORE THAN ONE MILLION had seen the initiative petition as of June 30, 2006!)

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