New (and old) discoveries

I still have to post three more sets of photos, this time from travels endured in October, but I thought I’d drop a line about blogs I’ve been reading closely in the last few weeks (or days, in one case). A friend, Iris Gonzales, has a behind-the-reporter’s-notebook kind of blog that makes a deep impression on the reader, because she writes well, she thinks deeply, and she is animated by joy in her chosen profession (she even celebrates her anniversary in the industry!). Dom Cimafranca and Willy Prilles, on the other hand, are fit to be shot. They not only write well-thought-out blogs, full of local color and universal appeal; they have the damn gumption, the earnest good will, to join the National Novel Writing Month (that would be this month).

I had the chance to meet Willy, by the way, over a spicy dinner in Naga last month. Good food, excellent conversation.

Dom, if I remember correctly, already pointed out Oliver Mendoza of Iloilo City to me, in a previous comment. But it was only in the last few days that I was finally able to read him. Wonderful stuff. I’ll add him to my Bloglines subscription right after this post.

Ethan Zuckerman was in Manila last April, a bear of a man, with an easy affability and a nimble mind. I think his blog is, simply, the best, of the many I read. I remember reading Michael Holroyd’s reflections on his monumental George Bernard Shaw biography many years ago, and being struck by a genial intelligence, a massive and massively humane intelligence. That is the same sense I get, every time I read Ethan’s often-lengthy, diligently nuanced, deeply reported posts. And he makes it look all-too-easy!


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