Where in the world is Woodrow?

I saw Ricky Carandang’s Big Picture episode on the US elections, and couldn’t help noticing that Dean Bocobo of Philippine Commentary had grown a white beard — a not inconsiderable addition, if, like Dean, one is a leading (online) pundit. Damn if he didn’t look wiser than usual.

I saw the show twice, but (life being what it invariably is) failed to follow the discussion from start to finish. Something Dean said struck me. Yes, the 1910 mid-term elections in the United States seem like a useful precedent. But after Dean spoke, glowingly, of the results of the 1912 elections, which swept Princeton professor Woodrow Wilson of the Democratic party to the White House and eventually led to a liberalization of US colonial policy regarding the Philippines, I was left wondering. Is Dean suggesting the following: that democracy (the neoconservatives’ central if rather belated rationalization for Rummy’s war) will only take root in benighted Iraq if the Democrats are in charge?


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