After Gringo

I was not surprised when I heard, from a houseboy eager to share the news, that Gringo Honasan had been captured earlier today. I had always thought it was only a matter of time; in part because the ex-colonel and once and future senator is no longer in his physical prime, and in part because those who helped him hide the first time around had spoken of their part readily, even giddily. (I once heard one of them explain, in detail, how he helped the man they fondly call Greg.)

Of course, even when he was in his prime, he still got caught (giving the Army spinmeisters the notorious opportunity to impugn his character, by claiming they found a bottle of Johnson’s baby oil [or was it cologne?] in his backpack).

There is also the AFP’s track record in, well, tracking down its own men, including the Magdalo fugitives. It takes some time, but the AFP gets the job done.

All of which makes me wonder: Why are Khaddafy Janjalani and his fellow Abu Sayyaf leaders still at large? Aside from the obvious, such as that they are hiding in territory (and among people) they call their own, what other reasons are there, to help explain why they are the country’s most successful fugitives? Could it be we are throwing too many soldiers at them?



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3 responses to “After Gringo

  1. The ASG leaders are probably still at large because they have information about ransom transactions that could make certain officers look worse than bandits.

  2. iguana22

    they shoudnt be proud that they captured gringo but instead be ashamed for until now they are still impotent to erase in the philippines history the ASG.even the justice system posses a very poor actions to their judgement they are still blinded of money and influence.

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